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In order to capture and preserve the exquisite fragrance of our ROJEN®BISEI® ROSE OTTO, we meticulously extract it using the ‘hydro distillation method.

This technique involves immersing rose petals in water and distilling them at low temperatures. Cherished for centuries and favored by royal estates for crafting the finest Rose Otto, this method has been used to extract the exceptionally rare and stunning scent found in ROJEN® BISEI® Rose Otto.

ROJEN BISEI Rose Otto, made by hydrogen distillation, is a beautiful drop of the world’s most concentrated, rich and elegant Rose Otto, which radiates majestic pride, diamond-like brilliance and fragrance, and is rich in highly concentrated minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.
*Rose Otto is typically produced by “Steam Distillation”. This method is suitable for mass production and does not provide the same high concentration of aroma and nutrient quality and richness as hydro distillation.

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Toshi Yanagi
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Specially Formulated Organic Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Omega 3-6-7 & 9 (Macadamia Nut Oil), Organic Rose Otto, Organic Vitamin E, Organic Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress) Oil, Organic Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil,Organic Cymbopogon Winterianus (Java Citronella) Oil, Organic Backhousia Citriodora (Australian Lemon Myrtle) Leaf Extract

Pharmacist Mitsuko Ohta
Representative of the LA / NY distributors

Born in Aichi Prefecture Japan in 1953
Graduated from Meijo University Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmacist License No. 156278

After working as a pharmacist in the medical field (Toyohashi Municipal Hospital) in Japan, she moved to the U.S. in 1979, where she taught at a Japanese language supplementary school. In 1991, she met the founder of a health-related company, was impressed by his stance on preventive health medicine and his management policy. Afterwards, she decided to join the company to make use of her extensive background.
Her main job is to use her expertise to develop products for the company and to educate people about the advancements in health and beauty. Since 1998, she has been writing a monthly health article for U.S. FrontLine, a Japanese magazine to provide her medical knowledge to as many people as possible.
She has also advised for health and beauty features in local Japanese magazines, such as Sweet Orange (Orange County), Sports J (San Francisco), and Jangle (Midwest). Through these activities, she has gained a reputation among magazine’s readers as someone who can be consulted about various topics related to health and beauty, and many people look to her for guidance.
She is also providing medical and pharmaceutical information in the US from Los Angeles to a select group of Japanese female pharmacists. She plans to work with Japanese pharmacists to introduce and amplify the reach of effective products in the beauty and health fields in Japan and the U.S., and to share knowledge about pharmaceuticals in the future. She has been active as a seminar chairperson since 2000 in the South Bay Management Seminar, a non-profit organization.

Dr. Amy Swei
LAc, Ph.D. professor

Dr. Amy is one of the best Acupuncturist in Eastern Medicine practicing in LA & OC. She has also guided interns as a Clinical director in acupuncture universities.
Her family is 4 generations of Eastern Medicine doctors in Korea, China and America.
Her father is one of the best doctors practiced in South Korea, southern CA, and now northern CA.
She is also one of the Best BISEI® OIL doctors.
She believes in the natural healing process of the body.